With our Izmir factory, Istanbul office and application, we always aim for the best in project design, lamination and application.


Our team applies FRP/GRP panels in a fast manner and with customer satisfaction guaranteed


Our team applies FRP/GRP panels in a fast manner and with customer satisfaction guaranteed


YAPISAL HIJYEN, which provides hygienic panel production and application services by transferring its experience from the construction industry to CTP, the favorite product of the building industry, uses its experience to create hygienic spaces to respond to the demand in the industry along with the pandemic process.


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Structural Hygiene serves well-known companies in the food production and storage, medical, mobile construction sectors.


With our experienced, competent and wide team, we are at your side with production and application services in Turkey and all over the world.

HygIenIc Panel

HygIenIc Panel


FRP/GRP sheet is obtained by combining high mechanical strength glassfiber with polyester. The glass fiber that is incorporated into the product provides resistance to ambient conditions, is a lightweight and flexible component and FRP/GRP sheets provide hygienic surfaces that do not produce mold, fungus, bacteria, do not let pass gas and vapor, and provide high performance for impermeability with chemical resistance.

Panels have many advantages of FRP/GRP sheets like resistance to mechanical and chemical effects and providing impermeability etc.

With the properties of core materials to the panels it becomes the most optimum solution in industry and service places by taking features such as large-scale production, being lightweight, easy and quick to assemble.

Particularly in food production and medical facilities finishing materials are tested every day with aggressive methods of cleaning and maintenance.



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